Scottish Registered Charity SC034367

The money raised by the three previous Dundee Twilight Walks has remained in Dundee. It has been used to develop programmes for the community to promote the welfare of those recovering from cancer.

The work has been carried out by the Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE) at Dundee University and the University’s research programme has supported each of the projects

Our Walkers’ sponsorship has underpinned access to facilities, cancer exercise experts, and the Move More programme for anyone living with cancer in the Dundee area. This work has been developed in co-operation with the NHS referral teams, and has been closely monitored and evaluated by the University.

The work has already won acclaim from local industry and as a result, is being extended to new, exciting projects. These involve employers in the area. One immediate development is to investigate how a physical activity intervention (PAI) can support individuals in the workplace who have been affected by cancer.

These projects, building on the work done to date, are being designed to ensure that health and fitness is being maintained.