Scottish Registered Charity SC034367

Breast Foot Forward - Twilight Walk - closure

This will be our last communication with you before we close down our website for our charity - Breast Foot Forward.

It is with great regret that we find we cannot continue with our Twilight Walks - which have been held in Edinburgh, the Isle of Cumbrae, and Dundee. Over the years, our walkers have raised a great deal of money, every penny of which has been distributed to our beneficiaries throughout Scotland.

These beneficiaries have included:

The Breast Cancer Institute (BCI) Edinburgh - Expansion of breast cancer diagnostic systems.

Scottish Breast Cancer screening services - Edinburgh - Improvement of patient facilities.

Glasgow University - Development of specialist Breast Cancer research programmes.

The Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE) - Dundee University - In partnership with the University, the research and development of specialist and targeted exercise and fitness regimes for those recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Highland and Islands - The provision of specialist after-surgery care facilities.

Crosshouse Hospital Kilmarnock - Improvement of patient recovery facilities, including updating of 'head cap' provision.

Our aim of supporting new and innovative projects so that they can be developed into beneficial and sustained initiatives, has been closely followed by our beneficiaries. They have taken care to use the money purposefully. We are most grateful to them for working with us to develop and subsequently sustain multi million pound centres of excellence throughout Scotland. The money raised by you, therefore, has contributed, without exception, to the care, development and continuing welfare of those recovering from breast (and more recently prostate) cancer.

May we share with you a brief reminder of the venues of the Twilight Walk.


May we thank you all for your support over the years, and urge all of our friends to keep safe, and especially keep fit and well in the years to come.

We leave with great sorrow and regret, but thank you all again for your support, and would assure you all - that it has been a job well done.

The Breast Foot Forward Team